Best portable electric cooktop

Portable electric cooktop is a very good solution for people who do not want to install a full size cooktop but still want to cook using an electric cooktop.
Due to their small size, portable cooktops can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, and when not in use can be stored in the cabinet.
Many people use a portable cooktop as extra appliance when the full size cooktop is used to its full potential and an additional burner is needed for cooking.

Best portable electric cooktop that heats up quickly

A portable electric cooktop that is easy to use even by the elderly is this Cusimax model. It can be used in your office, apartment, back garden or even RV.

Double Infrared Burner: The two cooking areas have the same technical characteristics, namely 900 W / 900 W and 120 V. With their help you can easily cook your favorite food (soup, pasta, sauces, steak, vegetables and even boil water).

Crystallite glass plate: It gives the cooktop a pleasant appearance so it fits perfectly in a modern kitchen.

Stainless steel housing: It contributes to the pleasant appearance of the cooktop, but also to withstand everyday use so that you have an attractive appliance even after a long period of use.

Compatible with all types of cookware: The two cooking zones allow the use of all types of cookware with a size of 7.1 “, so if you have one of the following pots or pans (Aluminum cookware, Glass cookware, Stovetop teapot, Ceramic cookware, Frying pan, Stock plate) you do not have to worry that your pots are not compatible with the hob.

Equipped with a thermostat: Its role is to maintain a constant temperature set by the user by switching on and off the power, so that it reduces electricity consumption but also contributes to the performance of cooking areas.

Easy to operate: The appliance is equipped with two buttons that allow you to control the cooking areas by simply turning the knob.

Portable design: As you can see in the image above, this hob has a design that makes it possible to use it in a lot of situations.

Non-slip feet: From a safety point of view, this aspect is very important and you must keep in mind when choosing a portable cooktop.

Safe: Many people avoid induction cooktops because they believe that the radiation emitted by the induction cooktop affects their health, but with this cooktop you do not have to worry about this because the heat is generated by thermal radiation.

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Best portable electric cooktop compatible with all cookware

One of the concerns that people who buy an electric hob have is whether the hob they want is compatible with current pots and pans to avoid spending extra money.
This Cusimax portable electric cooktop model is compatible with all types of pans and pots up to 7.1 inches in size.
Here are some types of pots that can be used: Glass Cookware, Ceramica Cookware, Frying Pan, Wok, Stainless steel saucepan, Aluminum cookware, Steak plate and Stovetop teapot.

1800W Infrared double burner: The cooktop is equipped with two cooking zones, each with a nominal power of 900 W / 120 V.

Infrared burner Pros:

Compatible with all types of pots and pans
No electromagnetic radiation
No noise
High reliability
Low price

Heat up in seconds: Infrared burners have the great advantage that they heat up instantly, which means that after turning the knob you can see that the active cooking zone becomes incandescent quickly.

Black stainless steel housing: If you want a portable cooktop that looks awesome then this Cusimax model is the right one for you.

Overheating protection: The manufacturer has equipped the cooktop with a safety system that has the role of interrupting the power supply of the cooktop when it heats above the maximum allowed limit.

Adjustable thermostat: Both cooking zones have an adjustable thermostat with which the temperature is precisely set. The thermostat switches on and off the power to maintain a constant temperature.

Easy cleaning: The process of cleaning the cooktop is very simple and if it is performed after each use it does not require the use of special cleaning solutions.

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Best portable electric cooktop with cool touch handles

Duxton is a brand of the American manufacturer of home appliances Secura and usually Duxton applaincess have a very good price-performance ratio which makes them quite appreciated by the people who bought them.
For example, this Duxton portable cooktop has a rather low price for its performance, namely:

Cool touch handles: Being a portable cooktop, it often happens that the user has to move it from one side to another, and due to the two handles that remain cold, the hob is moved safely.

Cast iron heating plate: The cooking area on the left has a nominal power of 500 W and 6.1 inch(ideal for keeping warm or slow cooking), and the one on the right is 1300 W and 7.4 inch (fast and even heating). In the comments of the people who bought this cooktop you can see the satisfaction that the larger cooking area is even able to boil water.

Stainless steel housing: Besides the fact that it gives the cooktop a pleasant appearance but also increases its durability.

Heating indicator lights: Lights up when the cooking zone is operating so you can easily see the condition of the appliance.

Temperature control: It is performed with the help of the two buttons positioned in the front of the hob.

Non-slip rubber feet: Contribute to the general stability of the cooktop and have the role of preventing the appliance from slipping.

Types of cookware: It is compatible with all types of vessels, for example: Glass pot, Ceramic pot, Teapot, Aluminum cookware, Stainless steel cookware, Cast iron.

Long cord: It is one of the aspects neglected by most people who buy a portable cooktop and end up discovering that the power cord of the cooktop is quite short only after they have purchased the appliance and to be able to be connected to the mains some expenses are required.

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Best portable electric cooktop with indicator lights

Each cooking zone has its own indicator light that lights up when the corresponding cooking zone is operating, so that the user can easily see if the appliance is working or not.

From a safety point of view, these indicator lights are very useful because they inform the user that the proper cooking zone is working and it is dangerous to touch the hob surface.

Double infrared burner: The cooking area on the left has a nominal power of 1000 W and a size of 7″, and the right burner has a nominal power of 700 W and a size of 6.5″.

Electrical requirements: Input Voltage = 120 V, Power = 1700 W, Frequency = 60 Hz.

Easy to clean: Cleaning the cooktop is often a difficult process that requires time and energy, but with this portable cooktop, the process of cleaning cooking zones as well as stainless steel surfaces takes only a few minutes.

Slim & Light: Having only 4.6 lbs. and 18.5 x 9.6 x 3.11 inches it is perfect for RVs, Small studios, Kitchenettes or Camping trips.

Compatible to all cookware: With this portable cooktop you get rid of worries if the current pots or pans are compatible with the cooktop because it works with all types of pots. However, in order to have the best results, it is recommended that the pots and pans used correspond to the dimensions of the cooking area and the bottom of the pots is flat and solid.

Temperature control: With the help of the control knobs you can select 5 temperature levels that have the following values: 1 = 105°F, 2 = 125°F, 3 = 155°F, 4 = 180°F, and 5 = 212°F. To save energy, it is recommended to set the heat level only after the pot or pan has been placed on the cooking zone.

Metal housing: It gives the cooktop a pleasant appearance and increases its durability.

Non-slip rubber feet: Contributes to the overall safety of the hob by preventing slipping.

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Best portable electric cooktop perfect for outdoor kitchen

Another model of portable electric cooktop that has a very good price-performance ratio is this Cukor model with infrared burner.

Infrared burner: If we compare the electric cooktops (induction cooktop, infrared burner and cast iron burner) then we can see quite many advantages for the infrared burner:
1. Heats up very fast.
2. Compatible with all cookware.
3. Even heating, in order to have very good cooking results, it is important that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the pot.
4. No noise when cooktop is working
5. No electromagnetic radiation as in the case of induction cooktops.
Left burner = 900 W / 7.1 inch
Right burner = 900 W / 6.1 inch

Small size: Width =17.5 inch, Depth = 10.2 inch, Height = 1.96 inch. As you can see due to its small size, the cooktop is very portable.

Compatible with all cookware: Being a portable cooktop this aspect is quite important because there may be some situations in which you have only a certain type of cookware, and if the cooktop would not work with all types you could not prepare the food.

Temperature control: Each cooking area is equipped with a thermostat that maintains constant the temperature set by the user.

Working indicator: Next to each control knob is placed an indicator that turns on and off depending on the status of the cooking zone, for example if the cooking zone heats up then the indicator lamp lights up. It is perfectly normal to notice that this indicator turns on and off during the cooking process.

Overheating protection: Inside the appliance is mounted a thermal fuse that disconnects the power supply if the temperature exceeds the maximum allowed value.

Easy to clean: To clean the cooktop surface you only need a clean damp cloth, and in case of hard stains it is recommended to use dish detergent. Before cleaning the hob, you have to keep in mind that a hot plate takes about 20 minutes to cool down.

First use: During the first use it is possible that the cooktop emits smoke and you must know that this is perfectly normal.

Energy saving: To reduce energy consumption as well as cooking time, the use of lids is indicated.

Electrical requirements: Input Voltage = 120 V, Power = 1800 W, Frequency = 60 Hz.
Many people who have bought this device have only words of praise for it, thus being a very good choice for those who want such a cooktop.
It mainly corresponds to the five main criteria that a portable hob must meet:
– Easy cleaning
– Fast heating
– Even heat
– Easy to use
– Slim & Light

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