Gas Cooktop Buying Guide – 9 Key Things to Consider

Currently, knowing the features of a particular appliance that you wish to buy is crucial as there is a wide range of options available for everything. A gas cooktop definitely has some key features that a keen buyer should be on the lookout for. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for your family or customers, it’s important that you get the right equipment to make your cooking experience both easy and enjoyable.

It’s extremely important that you get a gas cooktop that meets your specific needs. Don’t simply buy a gas cooktop because it looks nice or you saw it somewhere. In this Gas Cooktop Buying Guide, we will highlight some of the key considerations you should make when buying a gas cooktop.

What is a Gas Cooktop?

A gas cooktop is a piece of cooking or kitchen equipment that is powered by either liquefied petroleum gas, butane, propane, natural gas, combustible gas or any other flammable gas. There are other types of gas cooktops you can buy such as induction cooktops , and electric cooktops.

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Number of Burners

Depending on your needs, such as the size of your household or restaurant, you can decide to buy a gas cooktop with different number of burners. A family or 3 or 4 members can easily manage with a gas cooktop with 2 burners. A large family may need to get a cooktop with at least 4 burners. More burners allow you to cook multiple dishes at the same time. This can be really convenient especially if you are cooking for many people. It’s advisable to get a gas cooktop with right number of burners based on your specific needs.

Also, burners offer varying heat and flame intensities. Heat control knobs are used to adjust the amount of gas that is released from the burners and ignited to form a flame. It’s important to check whether the burners on a gas cooktop have the necessary heat controls to allow easy and convenient cooking.

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Construction Material

Which metal is the cooktop made from? This is an important consideration to make because the kitchen can be a humid and steamy environment and some metals may not be ideal for such an environment. The best construction material for a gas cooktop is stainless steel because it is rust resistant. Stainless steel is also quite durable and not prone to denting or damage.

There are also gas cooktops that are made from fiber or glass materials. These cooktops can have an elegant look and feel. However, these are very high maintenance. It’s recommended that you get a material that can properly manage the heat from the stoves in order to prevent accidental burning.

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Type of Gas It Uses

It’s important to check if the cooktop is compatible with the type of gas you use whether LPG or natural. If you have a link to mainline gas, you must buy a gas cooktop that compatible with the type of gas you get. If you get your gas from other sources, then you should consider which type of fuel is best to power your gas cooktop before you proceed to buy one.

As already mentioned, a gas cooktop can be powered by either liquefied petroleum gas, butane, propane, natural gas, combustible gas or any other flammable gas. Your choice of fuel should be mainly based on costs, energy efficiency and environmental considerations.

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Space Requirement for the Gas Cooktop

Another very crucial consideration to make when buying a gas cooktop is how much space you have in your kitchen. Gas cooktops come in a wide variety of measurements and dimensions. You can choose different widths from 24”, 30” or even 36”. The latter is probably the largest cooktop you can buy and it will offer you ample space to steam broccoli, boil pasta and cook fish all at once.

Ultimately, the best gas cooktop is one that fits properly in your kitchen without taking up too much space. If space is not an issue, you can easily choose the widest cooktop you can get on your budget.

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Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping your cooktop clean and in good condition is the best way to prolong its lifespan. Gas cooktops, unlike induction cooktops, can accumulate dirt and debris over time. With that said, it’s important that you get a gas cooktop that’s both easy to clean and maintain. So, what makes a cooktop easy to clean? Well, an easy to clean coooktop is one that comes with dishwasher safe grates. Dishwasher safe grates can be removed and cleaned by your dishwasher instead of you cleaning them by hand.

Also, low-quality construction materials can make a gas cooktop difficult to clean and maintain as they easily stain and become corroded with time.

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Special Features

Modern gas cooktops offer so much more than traditional gas burners. With the help of advanced technologies and innovative designs, gas cooktops can now help you cook faster and more conveniently by using numerous special features such as smart flame regulation. Most high-tech gas burners come with pre-set flame regulation levels so that you know exactly how big the flame is while cooking. So, instead of a simple low-medium-high flame setting, you get at least 5 flame regulation levels to help you cook a wide variety of dishes that require different levels of heat.

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Price is another consideration you need to make when buying a gas cooktop. Because you will probably use your cooktop for many years, you may need to make a significant investment to get a high-quality product. Don’t simply go for the cheapest product on the market. Also, the most expensive products may also not be ideal for your budget and needs. It’s necessary that you strike a healthy balance between durability and affordability.

Different brands attach different prices to their gas cooktops. Take your time to do some research on specific pros and cons of particular models. Higher-priced cooktops often come with additional features such as stain resistance and smart flame control.

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Benefits of Buying a Gas Cooktop

  1. If electricity is not your favorite source of power or you live in an area with an unreliable power supply the buying a gas cooktop is smart choice. The cost of electricity is increasing every day and many people are looking for ways to reduce their power bills. Gas is cheaper than electricity. It is also readily available in most parts of the country.
  2. Another benefit of a gas cooktop is that you can easily regulate the cooking heat by turning a knob that either increase or reduces the flame level. You can control the heat based on what you are cooking. This means that you can easily cook a rib-eye steak on one burner and some scrambled eggs on another burner simultaneously.
  3. Gas cooktops are not as energy efficient as induction cooktops but due to the lower price of gas they have low operating costs. They only use the fuel or energy that is required and nothing more.
  4. Gas cooktops are extremely reliable and easy to use. People have used gas cooktops for many decades now. They are a tested and proven piece of kitchen equipment that comes in a wide variety of sizes for different consumers. They are made from a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, marble, fiber and ceramic. Most gas cooktops are shock resistant and waterproof as well.

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