Best 30 inch gas cooktop

Gas cooktops are still very popular among people who want to buy a cooktop, and to help you make the best choice we present several models of gas cooktops, which in their price category can easily be considered as being the best gas cooktop in that price category.

All cooktops presented in this article are equipped with the electric ignition system that contributes to the safety and comfort of the cooktop.

Best 30 inch gas cooktop with automatic re-ignition

The German appliance manufacturer Bosch has in its offer a very interesting model of gas cooktop with 5 burners, width of 30 inches and automatic re-ignition system.
One of the best features that a gas cooktop can have is the automatic re-ignition system which has the role of re-igniting a burner that goes out accidentally.
At this Bosch cooktop, each burner has its own re-ignition system, which means that the ignition system will start automatically only for the burner where the flame was accidentally extinguished.
In order for the electronic ignition system to work normally, it is mandatory that the igniter to be clean and dry, otherwise there is a risk to spark continuously.
The electric ignition system is implemented in each burner, and the desired burner is ignited by simply pressing and turning the button corresponding to that burner. The whole process of igniting the burners is done with one hand.

Cooktop burners

This 5 burner cooktop offers cooking flexibility due to the burners with different power levels.
Total BTU load: 50000 / 43200 (NG/LP)
Front Left Burner: 10,000 / 9,100 (NG/LP)
Back Left Burner: 5,500 / 5,000 (NG/LP)
Center Burner: 19,000 / 15,000 (NG/LP) (stir-frying, searing, boiling)
Back Right Burner: 10,000 / 9,100 (NG/LP)
Front Right Burner: 5,500 / 5,000 (NG/LP)

Sealed Burners

Having sealed burners makes the cleaning process very easy because under the cooktop are no burner parts.
The main components of a burner are: Burner Cap, Burner Base, Igniter, Jet Holder and this model has also two Panhead Screws.

LP Conversion Kit Included

Thanks to this kit the cooktop can be supplied with both types of gas (Natural Gas / Liquid Propane).

Cleaning the gas cooktop

To avoid the accumulation of soils, we recommend you cleaning the cooktop after each use using warm water, soap and a soft cloth.
To clean the hob it is not mandatory to use special solutions, namely excellent results are obtained by using a soapy sponge.

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Best 30 inch gas cooktop with grates that can be cleaned in dishwasher

In our opinion, the presence of the cast iron grates on a gas cooktops is mandatory for the following reasons:

Pots stability: From a safety point of view, this is very important because it eliminates accidents caused by the vessel slipping. Even when the vessel is intentionally moved by the user, without lifting it from the surface of the hob, it moves very hard.

Pleasant appearance: Gives the cooktop a pleasant appearance, contributing well to the overall appearance of the hob.
A very good gas appliance is this GE 30 inch cooktop model with dishwasher safe grates coated with porcelain enamel which is very strong. Due to this you will spend less time cleaning the cooktop.

Cooktop burners

The cooktop has 4 sealed burners:

Front Left Burner: 15,000 BTU
Back Left Burner: 5,000 BTU (simmer burner)
Back Right Burner: 9,500 BTU
Front Right Burner: 12,000 BTU

Control Type

The burners are controlled by means of the 4 buttons positioned on the control panel of the hob, allowing the precision setting of the power level between the minimum and maximum level.
Ignition of the burners is always done by turning the control knob to the maximum position, and after the flame is stable, turn the knob to the desired power level.

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Best 30 inch gas cooktop with sealed burners

In general, cleaning a gas hob is much harder to do than an induction hob, and to improve this aspect the hob manufacturers have introduced the concept of “sealed burners” which makes it much easier to clean the hob due to the fact that dirt does not fall inside the burners.
On the other hand an “Open Burner” generates a higher amount of heat but soils fall inside burners which makes the cleaning process more difficult.
A very good gas cooktop with sealed burners is this 30 inch Empava model with 5 gas burners.

Cooktop burners

Total heat input: 37,600 BTU
Front Left Burner: 6,500 BTU
Back Left Burner: 10,000 BTU
Center Burner: 12,000 BTU (dual ring)
Back Right Burner: 6,500 BTU
Front Right Burner: 4,000 BTU (simmer)

Safety Performance

Flameout fault system: Empava has equipped this gas hob model with a safety system that has the role of preventing explosions generated by gas accumulations. This safety system interrupts the gas supply to the burner if its flame is not detected. The main component of this safety system is the thermocouple mounted in the burner body.

Protection against liquid leaks: Around each burner, the hob has a small riser which has the role of preventing the liquids spilled on the hob from reaching inside the burner.

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Best 30 inch gas cooktop with continuous grates

If you often move pots from one burner to another then you definitely need a gas cooktop with continuous grates which allows the vessels to slide across without a gap.

From a safety point of view, it is more appropriate to move the vessel from one burner to another by simply sliding it than by lifting the vessel.
It can also be seen from the comments of users who have purchased such a cooktop, that continuous grates are very useful and appreciated.
Continuous grates also contribute to the great look of the cooktop.

If you want to buy a model of cooktop with continuous grates then we recommend this 30 inch Frigidaire gas cooktop.

Cooktop burners

Total heat input: 41,500 BTU
Front Left Burner: 12,000 BTU
Back Left Burner: 9,500 BTU
Back Right Burner: 5,000 BTU (simmer burner)
Front Right Burner: 15,000 BTU

4 Sealed gas burners

The cooktop is much easier to clean thanks to this type of burner.

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Best 30 inch gas cooktop with angled front controls for easier use

Another very good gas cooktop is this Frigidaire 30 inch model with angled control panel which contributes to the easy control of the appliance.

Total heat input of the cooktop is 52,000 BTU.
Front Left Burner: 9,500 BTU
Back Left Burner: 7,500 BTU
Center Burner: 18,000 BTU
Back Right Burner: 5,000 BTU
Front Right Burner: 12,000 BTU

Continuous corner to corner grates

Moving the pot from one burner to another is very easy to do and without the risk of overturning the cooking pot. With continuous grates you do not have any more to lift the heavy pans or pots just slide it.

Easy cleaning

For safety reasons, before starting the cleaning process of the cooktop, you must make sure that it does not work and that all the burners are cold.
To clean the surface of the cooktop and all 5 knobs we recommend using a cloth with hot and soapy water. If the hob will be cleaned after each use, you will not need to use special cleaning solutions.
The 3 cast iron grates can be cleaned in the dishwasher so that cleaning them will be very easy.


For safety reasons, before starting the cleaning process of the cooktop, you have to make sure that burners are cold. Around the burners, the surface of the hob has a small riser that provides protection against liquids that reach on the surface of the hob.

LP Conversion Kit

This gas cooktop can be powered by both types of gas due to the LP Conversion kit which is provided with the appliance.

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