best 24 inch induction cooktop

Best 24 inch induction cooktop for the best cooking results

Induction cooktops are the main choice of people who want to buy a cooktop due to the following advantages:

High energy efficiency: Induction cooktop is the most energy efficient of all the cooktops (gas, electric, induction, and halogen).

Low energy consumption: In the case of induction cooktops the amount of electric energy used is less than gas or electric cooktops. For example, to heat 1 Liter of water from 64 °F to 208 °F requires only 135 Wh, while a gas hob requires 260 Wh.

Safety: The surface of the cooktop remains cold even if the water boils in the pot.

Easy cleaning: The cooktop surface is very easy to clean even without using special cleaning solutions.

Best 24 inch induction cooktop easy to clean

24 inch induction cooktop easy to cleanIn general people looking for a cooktop want to buy a model that is energy efficient, easy to clean and has an acceptable price, and a cooktop that meets these requirements is this Insignia 24″ dual burner appliance.
Because the cooktop does not have buttons but is entirely a glass-ceramic surface, it makes the cleaning process quick and easy.
Due to the principle of operation, the dirt on the cooktop surface is not burned, so it is very easy to clean with a soft cloth.
An important advantage of this induction hob is that the appliance plugs directly into a regular wall outlet.

Independent Temperature
Each cooking zone allows the user to set up to 11 temperature levels so that the food is prepared at the optimum temperature: Level 1 = 150°F, Level 2 = 180°F, Level 3 = 210°F, Level 4 = 240°F, Level 5 = 270°F, Level 6 = 300°F, Level 7 = 330°F, Level 8 = 360°F, Level 9 = 390°F, Level 10 = 420°F, Level 11 = 450°F.

Independent Heating
It allows the user to set the desired power level by selecting the wattage level: Level 1 = 300 W, Level 2 = 500 W, Level 3 = 750 W, Level 4 = 800 W, Level 5 = 850 W, Level 6 = 900 W, Level 7 = 950 W, Level 8 = 1100 W, Level 9 = 1300 W, Level 10 = 1440 W.

It is one of the most useful functions because it allows setting the running time of the cooking area. The minimum running time of the cooking area that can be set using the timer is 1 minute, and the maximum is 3 hours.

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Best 24 inch induction cooktop for the best cooking results

Another very good induction cooktop with positive reviews is this 24 inch Bosch cooktop with 3 cooking zones and wattage of 7200 W.
The induction cooktop with 3 cooking zones is preferred by many people to the detriment of the one with 4 cooking zones for 2 reasons:

Larger cooking space: Due to the fact that there are only three cooking zones, their placement on the cooktop is a bit more airy than in the case of the 4-zones cooktop, which makes it easy to use several dishes simultaneously.

Large cooking zone: Usually in the case of cooktops with 4 cooking zones the largest cooking zone has a diameter of 9″, which seems very little if we consider to compare with a 11″ cooking zone that can be found on many cooktops with 3 zones.

Considering that the cooktop has a width of 24″ and only 3 cooking zones we can see the presence of a large cooking zone on the surface of the cooktop, which is why the simultaneous use of several dishes will not create the impression of crowding.
As there is only one cooking zone on the left side, it has made possible for Bosch to implement a very large cooking zone of 11″.
Usually a 3-zone induction cooktop is more expensive than 4-zone cooktop and for this reason you will not find such a configuration on a cheap induction hob.

Cooking zones technical specifications

Left Middle: Cooking area with a diameter of 11 inch and a power of 2600 W, and when the SpeedBoost feature is activated, a maximum power of 3700 W is developed.
Rear Right: The second cooking zone has a diameter of 7 inch and a power of 1800 W, and the maximum power level it develops due to the SpeedBoost feature is 3100 W.
Front Right: It is the smallest cooking zone with a diameter of only 6 inch and a power of 1400 W, and the SpeedBoost feature makes this cooking zone to develop 2200 W.


One of the biggest advantages of induction cooktops is the ability to generate an increased power for a certain period of time thus reducing the time required to heat water or oil.
The SpeedBoost feature considerably reduces the heating time due to the fact that the increased power is generated at the bottom of the vessel, without energy losses as in other types of hobs.
The large power difference can be observed in the cooking area with a diameter of 11 inch at which the rated power is 2600 W, but activating this feature causes the same cooking zone to develop 3700 W.

Check the cookware

In order to obtain excellent results when cooking food with the help of the induction cooktop, it is necessary to use cookware compatible with such a hob, and this model of induction cooktop with 3 cooking zones has a special feature with which you can check the quality of the cookware and if it is compatible.
The result offered by the verification feature can be classified into 3 categories:

0 – Cookware is not compatible with induction cookware (Not suitable).
1 – Cookware is compatible with the induction cooktop but is heating much slower, so it is not recommended to use it because it increases the cooking time (Not perfect).
2 – Cookware is fully compatible with the induction cooktop providing optimal results (Suitable).

Power management

This Bosch 24 inch model of induction cooktop with 3 cooking zones is equipped with a power management function that allows the modification of the maximum power absorbed by the cooktop from the mains, so that the electrical network is not overloaded.
The available settings:
1 = 1000 W
1. = 1500 W
2 = 2000 W
2. = 2500 W
3 = 3000 W
3. = 3500 W
4 = 4000 W
4. = 4500 W
9 or 9. = Maximum power

Residual heat indicator

Each of the 3 cooking zones has the residual heat display system in place, so the user can see if the cooking zone is hot or cold.  Depending on the heat level, the letter “H” or “h” may appear on the digital display of the hob.
H = High temperature
h = Low temperature

The residual heat indicator is displayed only after the cooking zone has been switched off and remains lit as long as the hob is warm.


Bosch has equipped this induction cooktop with 2 time functions:
Cook timer: The first function allows the individual setting of the operating time for each cooking zone, and when the time set by the user elapses, the cooking zone is automatically switched off and an acoustic signal is emitted to warn the user that the cooking process is completed.

Kitchen timer: The second function allows the setting of a maximum duration of 99 minutes and when the countdown reaches 0 an acoustic signal is emitted without decoupling any cooking zone.

17 Power Levels

The hob has 17 power levels that allow precise adjustment of the optimal heat level for excellent results.
The power levels that can be set are from 1 to 9, with intermediate levels between two consecutive numbers.
For example, the power level that can be set between 2 and 3 is 2, which sets a power level higher than 2 but lower than 3.

Safety features

In addition to the residual heat indicator, several safety systems are implemented on this Bosch hob model:

Child Lock: As the name suggests, it allows locking the control panel so that children cannot accidentally start the hob.
Liquids protection: If liquids spill over the control panel or an object is placed over it, the cooktop will switch off automatically.
Overheating: Its purpose is to switch off the power or reduce the power level if the sensors inside the cooktop detect a temperature above the limits.

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Best 24 inch induction cooktop with 4 booster burners

Another recommended induction cooktop that has a very good price-performance ratio is this 24 inch Empava model with 4 induction cooking zones.

● Front Left: 2100 W
● Rear Left: 1600 W
● Front Right: 1600 W
● Rear Right: 2100 W

The power values mentioned above are valid when choosing power level 9, but this cooktop also benefits from the PowerBoost function which increases the maximum power developed by a cooking zone for a limited amount of time, after which the power level is reduced automatically at 9.
● Front Left: 2700 W
● Rear Left: 2000 W
● Front Right: 2000 W
● Rear Right: 2700 W

The advantage of this PowerBoost function is that it allows shortening the time needed to heat the liquids, so that the cooking process takes less time.

The P symbol will appear on the cooktop display when the PowerBoost function is active.

Hot Surface indicator
It is a safety feature and as the name suggests, its role is to display if a cooking zone is hot even if its operation is deactivated.
To avoid accidents, it is recommended to clean the hob only after the H symbol is no longer displayed.

Stop / Go
Even if this function is not classified as a safety one, we want to include it in this category due to the fact that it indirectly contributes to safety. In fact, activating it reduces the power level to a minimum for a maximum of 10 minutes after which the hob will turn off automatically.
To activate the function, simply touch the Stop/Go key pad.

The preparation of your favorite dishes will be much easier to do thanks to the “Timer” function that allows you to accurately set the operating time of the cooktop, at the end of the set time the active cooking zone will be deactivated automatically.

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Best 24 inch induction cooktop with autopot detection

Due to the ability to detect the exact size of the pot, the cooktop is heating only the bottom of the pot, and the surface around the pot remains cold.

This induction cooktop has installed the “Autopot Detection” feature, which ensures energy saving. A cooking zone is activated only if a pot is placed on it, otherwise the cooktop automatically switches off the power supply to the cooking zone.
You must keep in mind that the induction cooktop requires special pots, which have the lower part made of a magnetic material, some pots may not be detected even if are placed on the cooking zone.

Child Lock
In families with small children it is very important that children cannot turn on the cooktop. This induction hob is equipped with a child protection system, which locks the control panel so that children cannot accidentally turn on the appliance.

This function allows you to set how long the cooking process takes, so that you get the best results, without the risk of forgetting to turn off a cooking zone. With the help of the timer each cooking zone can be set to operate for a maximum of 99 minutes, at the end of the set period the cooking zone will be deactivated automatically.

Residual Heat Indicator
When a cooking zone is hot, the heat indicator symbolized by the letter H lights up on the hob. This indicator is very useful because it helps you see which cooking area is still hot so the risk of injury is eliminated.
When the residual heat indicator goes out, you should know that the cooking area is not yet at room temperature, therefore it can be touched but carefully. If the power supply to the hob is interrupted, the residual heat indicator does not work, which means that a cooking zone may be hot without the residual heat indicator announcing this.

Auto Shutdown Protection
If for any reason the cooktop temperature is very high, the power level will be reduced regardless of the level set by the user. To prevent overheating, the fan inside the cooktop may continue to operate after you have turned off the appliance.

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