Double Oven Range Buying Guide: The Top Considerations You Need To Know

Double oven ranges are a staple of many people’s kitchens. If you’re planning to upgrade to a double oven range or you want to replace your older range, then you’ll want to check out this double oven range buying guide. With that said, here are the key considerations to know.

Double Oven Range Size

One of the most important considerations is the size of the double oven range. They are available in an array of sizes, and obviously you want to choose a size that is appropriate for your kitchen. This is why you’ll need to take measurements of the space it will be installed in before you purchase a range.

However, let’s not forget to mention the inside. Some double oven ranges will have a small space inside, even though they are quite large, while there are smaller ranges that have quite a bit of room inside. How big the range’s interior should be depends on your personal preference, but nonetheless you need to take time to think about the overall size of the range.

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Double Oven Range Features

  • Cleaning Capabilities
    You’ll want to consider a double oven range’s cleaning capabilities. Lower-end ranges typically don’t offer much in regards to this, which means you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning it after each use or whenever you decide to clean it. If you want to make things as easy as possible, then choose an oven that has a self-cleaning option.

    Ovens that can self-clean should be able to do so in a reasonable amount of time. The quicker it can complete a self-clean, the better. However, make sure that it is capable of doing an excellent job at cleaning itself before you make a decision to buy it. The bottom line is cleaning a double oven range should be easy, quick and require little to no effort on your part.

  • Scratch Resistant
    The best double oven ranges are scratch resistant. This means they are made with materials that won’t easily become damaged and scratch. All too often people buy a cheaply made oven range, only to regret it because after a few uses it becomes scratched and lightly damaged. Always consider the materials used to make an oven.

    The exterior and the interior should be scratch resistant. At first glance, scratch resistant ranges may seem expensive, but you’ll save money in the long run because you’re less likely going to spend money on removing scratches or repairing cosmetic damage that has been done to it. If you only use your oven every now and then, this might not be a big deal. However, if you plan on using your double oven range regularly, then this is a must-have feature.

  • Gas & Electric
    Some of these ovens are strictly gas ovens, while others are strictly electric. Which one is better is all a matter of personal opinion, but a good idea is to buy an oven that is a hybrid of gas and electric. Double oven ranges that is powered by gas and electric offers the best of both worlds, but it is still worth exploring all of the pros and cons of gas and electric ovens. After you have compared each, then you can decide which is the best option for you.
  • Cooking Options & Power
    Consider the cooking options of the ovens you’re looking at. For example, are you able to choose options such as grill, bake, defrost, broil and so forth? You might be used to using ovens that only offer a couple of options, but choose one that offers as many cooking options as possible. This will allow you to experiment with your cooking.

    Cooking power is another consideration. The more powerful an oven is, the better because it means food will cook quicker. The higher-end models typically are more powerful than the lower-end ranges. Nonetheless, it’s worth researching all double oven ranges because you could come across a lower-end one that has a lot of cooking power.

  • Storage
    More and more people are choosing ovens that have plenty of storage space for items such as pans, silverware and more. If you like the idea of having easy access to cookware, then opt for a double range oven that has storage cabinets. How much storage space an oven should have is all up to you.
  • Display
    You don’t want to struggle to see what settings you have your oven on. There are many excellent ovens out there, but they have a display that doesn’t allow you to easily see the settings. This can make using it, as well as cooking meals that much more difficult.
    Ideally, you want an oven that has an LED display. If the one you like doesn’t, then the display should be well lit. Also, the display should in a spot that is easy to glance at. For example, the best position for a display is at the top or center of the range.
  • Racks
    Some oven ranges only have a handful of racks, while other ovens have many racks. How many meals do you plan on preparing using your oven because if you’re the type that likes to cook a lot of different things or if you cook large items of food, then you’ll want a double range oven that has an adequate number of racks.
  • Temperature Controls
    Finally, consider the temperature controls. The best ranges allow you to cook foods at different temperatures at the same time. However, if the one you choose doesn’t have this option, then it should still offer several temperature control options other than that option.

    The bottom line is features are important when shopping around for a double range oven for your kitchen. As a general rule of thumb, take the time to consider what features are the most important to you, as well as which ones are the most useful. The more oven ranges you compare, the more familiar you’ll become with the different features, and then you’ll be able to make a decision on which double oven range has the best features.

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Double Oven Range Warranty

Another key consideration is whether or not the range comes with a warranty, be it a manufacturer’s warranty and/or store warranty. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong with your new double oven range shortly after getting it, only to learn that you don’t have a warranty. When purchasing a range, make sure it does have a warranty.

Furthermore, find out what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover. Does it cost extra and how long does the warranty last for? These are all questions you’ll want to find out the answers to.

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Double Oven Range Price

Price isn’t the most important thing to consider, but you still need to determine how much you’re willing to spend on a double oven range. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to how much you’ll pay for a range, such as where you buy it from and what kind of features it has. Other factors include whether or not a warranty is included, the make and the model to name a few.

Buying a double oven range requires extensive research, but you’ll be just fine if you keep the above buying guide in mind. Remember, you want to take your time and compare as many double oven ranges as possible. After you do this, you can decide which one to buy.

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