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Gas Range Buying Guide – 9 Key Considerations to know

Gas ranges are heralded for offering a seamless cooking experience that is ideal for modern uses. However, it is not as simple to go out and buy a new gas range without knowing what the options are. This includes which features are going to matter the most.

If you are on the fence about which gas range to buy, it is time to look at key considerations to keep in mind during the buying process.

For this in this phase. here are some of the key considerations to know before you buy a gas range.

Heating Output

Heating is always going to be the number one consideration for those buying a new gas range.
In this regard, you want to see how quickly the gas range heats and whether or not it can sustain the heat for as long as you want.
Look at the general output from the gas range and go from there. In general, you are not going to see elite results from base models (up to 9,500 BTU) and that is natural across all manufacturers. Most of the larger models are going to have multiple burners that run at the same time.
This provides additional heat the way you want, especially for those who require a considerable amount of heat every time they cook. Please note, there are specific gas ranges that offer a fifth burner too.

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Type of Cooktop

Which type of gas range are you going to buy?

There are specific models sold on the open market and it is essential to go through each one. For example, some cooktops are made of out porcelain, which has a different quality to it compared to others.

Look at your options and then buy the right fit.

You should only go with a cooktop that is going to offer the right type of surface. This will go a long way in the heating process along with how easy it is to clean the gas range once you are done for the day.

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The controls will determine whether or not the cooking process on a gas range is user-friendly.

For example, let’s assume you are going with a base model. With this type of model, you are going to have generic dials that allow for simple settings. However, you can start getting digital settings that are easy to store into the settings once you go to the premium models.

This is why it is essential to determine how often you are going to be using the gas range. If you are going to be using it often, it might make a lot of sense to go with the digital-based controls. This is a lot easier to manage and offers more versatility while cooking.

Keep this in mind if you want to future-proof the gas range as well. Dials are going to age poorly in comparison to the digital setup.

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With basic models, you are going to see cast-iron grates set up over the burners. This is a common design and one most people are going to get used to when it is time to find a budget-friendly solution.

With the premium models, you are going to have an option to up your game. This includes looking for solutions where there is a removable griddle too.

Look at the different solutions and how the burners are covered. This is going to shed light on how easy it is going to be to clean the gas range as well. Everything is tied together whether this includes the heating output, cleaning process, and/or general performance.

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Manual vs Self-Cleaning

Is cleaning something you don’t want to do? Is it easier to just make sure the gas range does a good job of this on its own?

For a lot of modern users, you are not going to want to struggle with the cleaning part of the process. This is why more and more buyers are trending towards self-cleaning models.

This built-in feature is great for ensuring the gas range looks great year-round and continues to function as it is supposed to. If not, you are going to need to implement manual cleaning solutions and that can take a lot out of you over time.

If this is important to you, it is essential to look for a gas range that offers the self-cleaning mechanism.

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Oven Control Lockouts

Let’s assume you are cooking something and want to customize the settings. This is always going to matter for those who are avid cooks and want to do things the right way. This includes how the gas range is set up and how it heats the ingredients.

However, for this to happen there are times when the settings change on basic gas ranges. This can be frustrating as you have to go back and change everything back to how you want it.

To avoid this, you can look for gas ranges that include “oven control lockouts” which are specifically designed to save the settings. This means the settings are going to be locked in place for as long as you are cooking.

If you are passionate about maintaining specific settings and want to do things in a particular manner, this might be a key factor for you.

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Storage Options

There are specific gas ranges on the open market that come along with storage options. Yes, it is possible to store specific pots and pans with the help of the drawers.

This is great for those who are always cooking and want to have immediate access to specific pots/pans whenever they want.

Instead of having to go to another part of the kitchen, it is a lot easier to just rush over and take something out of the drawer. While this isn’t possible with some of the basic gas ranges available right now, you can find them in the higher-end models.

If this is important to you, it is a key factor to look for when you are searching.

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Color Options

You are going to want a specific solution that is on par with what you are after as a user. This is why a lot of buyers look towards choosing a specific color and then filtering options from there.

You are going to have three options in this regard – stainless steel, black, and white.

There are varieties in these three options but you will have to remain within this circle when choosing. Look at the rest of your appliances and make sure it matches with them. This can help with the theme of your kitchen and how it looks as a whole.

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Final Thoughts

Buying a brand-new gas range is all about recognizing what your kitchen needs and how you tend to cook during the day. It is important to note, each individual is going to be different in this regard and that is why there are different types of gas ranges on the open market.

You will have to find a good fit that is on par with what you want out of a new gas range.

This includes how it looks, how quickly it heats up, and how well it ages. Each of these factors will account for which direction you go in eventually.

Look at the considerations listed in this guide and then decide. This will ensure you end up with a high-quality gas range that will look amazing and perform even better.

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