Combi Wall Oven Buying Guide: 10 Key Considerations To Know

Combi wall ovens have become all the rage in recent years because they are refined, offer two methods of cooking, and look great when installed.

This is an aesthetically pleasing appliance that offers a wide array of cooking advantages for those who want to make use of the appliance from time to time.

When investing in a new wall oven, you are going to come across traditional options such as a regular wall oven or a double wall oven. However, this is a unique option where you are getting a combination setup instead of one cooking method.

This guide is going to take a deeper look into what you have to account for before buying a brand-new combi wall oven.

1. Fuel Type

Let’s start with the basics when it comes to this type of wall oven.

You are going to have three options – gas, electric and microwave. This means you have to figure out which option is going to be best for your cooking needs and general layout.

Gas wall ovens offer a more moist heating environment that is ideal for those who want a more intricate experience. On the other hand, electric wall ovens are more common on the open market and the variety will stand out for those who are selective. This is a type of wall oven that will be easy to start, powerful, and consistent.
Combi microwave Wall Oven consists of a microwave oven at the top and an electric oven at the bottom.
The main advantage of a combi wall oven with microwave it is the cooking time that is reduced and the cooking speed is increased.
The more expensive microwave ovens are equipped with a technology that allows the use of the microwave oven for frying, grilling and even convection cooking.

If those are things that matter, you will want to lean towards an electric combi wall oven.

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2. Cleaning Method

How is the combi wall oven going to be cleaned?

There are combi wall ovens that have a self-cleaning option that rinses the inside and keeps it clean. While others are going to have a more traditional setup when it comes to cleaning methods.

It is recommended to look at what you are getting with the wall oven and what you want out of it. If cleaning isn’t a big deal then this is not a feature to look out for. However, it is one that you can find in specific models.

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3. Steam Cooking Performance

This is where a combi wall oven is going to stand out.

Other types of wall ovens don’t bring this angle into the mix. With steam cleaning, you are going to get a moister finish which is great due to the steam that’s released alongside the heat. This is a powerful option to have up your sleeve when cooking and can truly turn your recipes into masterpieces.

It is important for those who are serious about cooking and may want to have all of the heating options available in their kitchen.

There are three options sold on the open market.

You are going to have a 24″, 27″, and 30″. However, you are going to have to focus on how both parts of the combi wall oven will work in unison as soon as they are installed. Remember, you are going to be installing two parts as one.

There has to be enough space for the line to go through (gas/electric) while also making sure it settles into the kitchen as intended.

Take the necessary measurements beforehand so you are not left with an appliance that doesn’t fit.

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5. Type of Heating

Heating is always going to matter especially with a combi wall oven.

With this wall oven, you are going to have multiple heating types. For example, some are going to come with the steam cooking option and conventional heating while others will also include convection heating for a few hundred more.

This is why you have to focus on which type of heating is best for your combi wall oven. The convection heating provides a more well-rounded heating option but is also more expensive when combined with thermal heating.

Focus on what each one has to offer and then decide whether or not it is important to you.

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6. Appearance

Do you have a particular appearance in mind when it comes to the combi wall oven?
Just like other wall ovens on the market, you are going to have three colors to choose from. This is what the market has to offer across the leading brands.

The colors include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey/Stainless Steel

These are the variations that are going to be on offer and it is always best to choose what works well with the rest of your kitchen. If possible, you should match with the other appliances in the kitchen for a more seamless look.

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7. Budget

What is the budget for your investment into this appliance?

Combi wall ovens are pricey but they are worth it due to the steam cooking option. This is an option you are not going to find in other types of wall ovens.

If you are looking for a well-rounded experience then you are going to have an eye on convection heating. This goes along with thermal heating and makes it faster to heat food rather than having to wait for a long time.
For this type of feature, you are going to have to pay additional money and that has to be accounted for.

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8. Type of Racks

There are specific racks sold for these types of wall ovens.
You are going to want to look at the basic racks but also how the racks are set up inside the combi wall oven. Some of the pricier models are going to equip their wall ovens with high-grade racks that last for a long time and are easier to clean.

These can include:

  • Porcelain-Coated Racks
  • Smooth-Glide Racks

If this is something you find important then it is best to assess which racks come with the wall oven you’re searching for.

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9. User-Friendly Design

There are combi wall ovens on the market that are easy on the eyes but difficult to use. You have to be selective when it comes to buying this type of wall oven.

Due to the steam cooking, you are going to have to realize this is an additional layer to the wall oven’s design. It has to be seamless and work efficiently or you are not going to enjoy the investment at all.

The appliance is only useful when it provides a thorough cooking experience where the heat is well-distributed. Go with a user-friendly design that heats up quickly and doesn’t get in your way.

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10. Renowned Brand

This is not something a lot of buyers will focus on because you’re lost in the world of wall oven features. Yes, the features do matter and play an incredible role in what you end up getting but it’s also important to focus on the manufacturer too.

The reason has to do with the type of investment you’re making.

This is an appliance that has to be cared for and it needs to last for a long time. Going with a reliable brand will ensure you know their track record and the replacement parts are easier to find.

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Final Thoughts

Combination wall ovens are a versatile solution to set up in your kitchen.

However, it is important to note this also makes it a more challenging purchase. You have to understand how steam cooking works, what the dimensions are going to be like, and the overall value you are getting from the new wall oven.

This is where taking the time to go through each element and focusing on what the manufacturer has to offer matters.

The things to consider listed in this guide will go a long way in helping out.

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