Best electric double wall oven for perfect results

When it comes to food preparation we can say with certainty that the electric double wall oven is the best because it allows the simultaneous preparation of food at different temperatures and without an exchange of odors between them. But unfortunately an electric double wall oven has a big disadvantage: the price starts from $2000.

Choosing the best electric double oven is not an easy task because at this moment you can choose from a total of over 100 models from manufacturers such as: GE, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Bosch, Cafe, Samsung, LG, Maytag, Cosmo, Empava, Fisher & Paykel, Sharp.

To help you make the best choice check our 6 electric double ovens recommendations that can easily be declared as the best double oven.

Best electric double wall oven with temperature probe for perfect results

The best results when preparing meats like roasts and poultry are obtained when using the meat probe because it allows accurate measurement of the temperature inside the meat and when it reaches the target value, the cooking mode automatically switches to “Keep Warm” (170°F).

For excellent results it is mandatory to insert the meat probe in the center of meat and the tip of the meat probe should not touch bones, fat or cooking utensils.

A very good double wall oven equipped with temperature probe is this model from Frigidaire where the upper oven allows the use of the food sensor.

During the cooking process the temperature measured by the probe is displayed on the oven display.
Due to the fact that the temperature inside the meat is measured accurately makes it possible to prepare the meat as you like, for example for Fresh Beef can be prepared this way:
● Medium Rare = 145°F
● Medium = 160°F
● Well Done= 170°F

To cook with the food sensor you just have to take the following steps:

1. Insert the temperature probe into the center of the meat.
2. Connect the probe connector into the receptacle located on the top-left of the oven.
3. Select one of the following cooking modes: Convection Roast, Bake, Convection Bake or Quick Preheat.
4. Set the temperature oven.
5. Press Start.
6. Press Meat Probe to select the temperature inside the meat. The maximum temperature that can be set is 210°F and the minimum is 140°F while the default value is 170°F.
7. Press OK to set the selected temperature.
8. When the set temperature is reached the oven will emit an acoustic signal and will automatically switch to the “Keep Warm” cooking mode.
9. To stop the cooking process press OFF.

Upper Oven

The upper oven has a useful volume of 5.1 Cu.Ft and is equipped with the even baking technology, which causes the hot air inside the oven to be evenly distributed, thus ensuring an even baking of the dishes.
In the upper part of the oven is located the broil heating element which has a wattage rating of 4000 W, while the bake element is hidden and has a wattage rating of 2200 W.
The inside of the oven is illuminated by two halogen bulbs which will light up when the door is opened or when the button on the control panel is pressed.

For the upper oven the following features can be found on the control panel: Bake, Broil, Quick Preheat, Warm, OK/START, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Convect Convert, Meat Probe, Bread Proof, OFF, Delay Start, Self-Clean, Steam Clean, Oven Light.

Lower Oven

It mainly has the same technical characteristics and features as the upper oven, with the difference that the temperature probe cannot be used in it.


Both ovens have 2 cleaning features:

  • Self Cleaning: It consists of cleaning the oven by raising the temperature up to 900°F so that soils are transformed into ash.
  • Steam Cleaning: Is a cleaning method that uses the power of steam to soften the soils in the oven and at the end of the cleaning cycle the user wipes the oven cavity. It is recommended for light soils.
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Best electric double wall oven for flawless results

Best electric double wall oven for flawless resultsThis KitchenAid double oven is easy to use and has great features, which will help you to have excellent cooking results.
The two ovens are of the extra-large type (5.0 Cu. Ft), which means that are perfect for cooking dishes such as large turkeys.
Also both ovens have a number of 6 rack guides which allows the simultaneous baking of several types of dishes.
In the top part of the oven is positioned the electronic oven control which has great features such as: Clock, Oven Light, Timer, Bake, Broil, Convect, Proof, Stop time, Cook time,

True Convection Oven: The fan located at the back of the ovens ensures a uniform distribution of heat so that the dishes will always be perfect.

Temperature probe: Allows the measurement of the internal temperature of meats, casseroles and poultry without the need to open the door, and when the set value is equal to the measured one, the cooking process is automatically stopped.

Self-Cleaning: A great feature of this double wall oven is the self-cleaning cycle which turns all the soil into ash. Depending on how dirty the inside of the oven is, you can choose 3 cleaning cycles: Quick (3 hours 30 minutes), Reg (4 hours 30 minutes), Maxi (5 hours 30 minutes). For light soil it is recommended the Quick cycle while for heavy soil the Maxi cycle is recommended.
The cooling fan has 2 speeds which are activated automatically depending on the temperature in the oven, for example when you are cooking in the oven only the lower speed is activate, but when you select the self-cleaning cycle the cooling fan will operate at its highest speed. When the oven has cooled the fan speed will be reduced automatically.

Timed Cooking: It is actually a combination of two functions first is the starting time of the cooking process and the second is how long takes the cooking process.

Clock: As the name suggests, it is just a feature that displays the current time.

Kitchen Timer: Sets a countdown without influencing the operation of the oven.

6 Rack Positions: For best results and to cook food evenly it is mandatory to follow manufacturer’s recommendations, for example:
Broiling = Rack position 6
Pies = Rack position 2
Cookies = Rack position 2

Fahrenheit and Celsius: This electric double wall oven from KitchenAid has the possibility to display the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The temperature is preset in Fahrenheit but if you want you can change it to Celsius.

Control Lock: Locks control panel keys to prevent accidental starting of the oven.

Sabbath Mode: It is a feature that allows the oven to remain on in a bake setting for a longer period of time.

Color: It is available in 4 colors: Black, Black Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel and White.

Preheating: In order to have the best cooking results it is important that the temperature in the oven when the food is introduced is exactly as it should be. This is possible due to the preheating function that heats the oven before the user inserts the food into the oven.

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Best electric double wall oven for the kitchen of your dreams

One of the best appliances for the kitchen of your dreams is this Sharp electric double wall oven that is very beautiful and has great features.

Thanks to the two ovens with a useful volume of 5.0 Cu. Ft. you can cook simultaneously two types of food at different temperatures without an exchange of odors between them.

True European Convection: The upper oven has this extraordinary feature that allows uniform baking with low energy consumption, compared to the conventional cooking mode, this function consumes up to 20% less electricity.

8 Pass Broil element (3600W): In both ovens the manufacturer mounted a 8 pass broil element which ensures edge to edge performance.

Hidden Bake element (2200W): Being a hidden heating element, it contributes decisively to the easy cleaning of the inside of the oven.

Cooling Vents: Under the control panel are several holes through which the cooling fan eliminates the heat accumulated around the electronic modules.

Temperature Probe: Measures the internal food (meat, poultry) temperature and when the programmed temperature is equal with the measured temperature the oven turns off automatically. Keep in mind that the Temperature Probe will not work with the following modes: Self-Clean, Sabbath, Warm, Proof.

Bright Interior Lighting: On the right side of the oven is a halogen bulb that illuminates the interior so that the user can take a look to the cooking process without having to open the oven door.

Control panel lockout: It is a function very appreciated by families with small children because it allows locking the control panel so that children will not be able to accidentally change the settings or turn it on.

Cook Time: Due to this function you no longer have to worry that you will forget the food in the oven, just set the cooking time and when the time expires the oven will stop automatically and will emit an acoustic signal

Sabbath Mode: This is a special mode which allows the use of the oven during the religious holidays in Judaism or during Sabbath.

Oven Modes

Bake: The air inside the oven is heated by the lower and upper heating elements, the heat circulates inside the oven naturally without the intervention of a fan.

Broil: It is a special cooking mode because it uses direct radiant heat to cook the food. Hi broil (550°F) is recommended in most cases but to avoid over browning the LO broil (450°F) can be selected.

Warm (lower oven): It keeps the food at serving temperature for a longer period of time.

Proof (upper oven): Helps you to make excellent homemade bread.

Convection Bake (upper oven): The hot air generated by the ring element is evenly distributed inside the oven by the fan ensuring uniform baking.

Convection Broil (upper oven): It is the ideal mode for preparing large pieces of meat.

Convection Roast (upper oven): The roasting time is almost 30% less than conventional cooking.

Self-Cleaning: Thanks to this function you no longer have to clean the oven manually, all you have to do is start the cleaning cycle, and the oven will clean itself. At the end of the cleaning cycle you have to wipe the ash deposited on the bottom part of the oven.

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Best electric double wall oven for professional results

Best electric double wall oven for professional resultsIf you are looking for the best electric double wall oven and money is not an issue for you then we recommend this Viking model that looks very good and fits perfectly in a modern kitchen.

Here are some key features of this quality product:

Multiple cooking modes: In order to be able to cook a wide variety of dishes the oven has to be equipped with multiple cooking modes because only in this way can be created the ideal conditions required by every type of food.
Every oven is equipped with the following heating elements: Top, Rear and Bottom.
Cooking Modes: Bake, Convection Bake, Conv Roast, Broil Hi, Broil Lo, Conv Broil, Self-Clean.

The bake element is hidden which helps to distribute the heat evenly and also greatly facilitates the cleaning process of the oven.

Variable Broil: Depending on what food you prepare you have the option to select one of the 3 broil modes:
1) Hi Broil: The heat is produced by the two broil elements located at the top of the oven.
2) Med Broil: The amount of heat produced is not so high because the broil elements are working in pulses, thus ensuring a slow broiling.
3) Low Broil: This function produces the least amount of heat due to the fact that the inner broil element uses only a small amount of power.

Preheat: In order to have professional cooking results, it is mandatory that the oven to be preheated at the required temperature before placing the food in the oven.

Meat probe: It measures the temperature inside the food and when the desired temp is reached the oven shuts off. This feature is available only in upper oven.

Cleaning: Due to the fact that this double wall oven contains surfaces made of different materials it is recommended to use soapy water to clean the outer surfaces of the oven.

Self-Cleaning: Both ovens benefit from the self-clean function which, with the help of high heat (800° F), cleans the inside of the oven. During the self-clean cycle the oven light turns off and the oven door is locked.

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Best electric double wall oven for the perfect bake

Do you want an electric double wall oven with a professional look that is also perfect for baking? In that case the appliance you are looking is this Cafe double oven with a professional design and French doors at the top oven.

Wi-Fi Connect: It is a feature that allows controlling the oven from distance with a mobile device.
Oven operations that can be controlled using the app are: Temperature, Timer and Cooking Modes.

French oven doors: This door system also contributes to the elegant appearance of the oven.
The two doors work like one, when one opens the other opens automatically, also closing one door will make both doors to close.

6 rack positions: In order to achieve perfect cooking results, it is important that the oven has as many rack positions as possible. For example, if you like cookies with darker tops all you have to do is to place the food one rack higher, on the other hand if the food you are preparing is too brown on top it is recommended to move the food one rack lower.

Variety of cooking modes: To get the best results it is mandatory that the oven has a variety of cooking modes, in this way it is possible to create the perfect cooking conditions for a variety of foods.
The following cooking modes are available: Convection Bake Multi-Rack, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Convection Broil Hi, Convection Broil Lo, Hot-Air Frying, Proof, Precision Cooking Modes, Thermal Broil Hi, Thermal Broil Lo, Warming and Thermal Bake.

Air Fry: It is a cooking function highly appreciated by the user because it is able to cook foods with a crispier exterior. In most reviews of this oven you can see that users are very happy with this feature. For the best results it is recommend using with Air Fry a cookware with dark surface.

2 Oven Lights: Both ovens are equipped with a lighting system that uses 2 halogen bulbs.

Interior cleaning: The interior of the oven can be cleaned using Self-Clean or Steam Clean mode.
The Steam Clean mode is intended for cleaning light soils while the Self Clean mode is for cleaning heavy deposits of soils on the walls of the oven.

Perfect fit: This oven from Cafe is guaranteed for a perfect fit, otherwise the manufacturer, Café Appliances, will pay up to $300 toward modifications.

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Best electric double wall oven with a powerful self-clean cycle

Most ovens with self-cleaning function have 3 self-cleaning cycles that are chosen depending on the degree of soils of the oven.

Usually the fastest self-cleaning process takes 3 hours and 30 minutes and the longest takes 5 hours and 30 minutes.

To reduce this cleaning time, the manufacturer Frigidaire has developed a powerful self-cleaning cycle which allows cleaning light soils in 2 hours and for heavy soils the cleaning process takes only 4 hours.
During the cleaning cycle the remaining time is displayed on the control panel and due to the fact that the oven is very hot when the cleaning cycle ends the oven door will remain closed until the oven cools down, this is displayed on the control panel via the door lock symbol.

PowerPlus Convection: This feature available in both ovens allows multiple rack baking which means that less energy will be used and the cooking time is shorter. For best results, it is recommended that the oven temperature to be set for 25°F degrees less than the recipe`s temperature.

PowerPlus Temperature Probe: The upper oven is also equipped with a meat probe which allows obtaining the best results when preparing dishes such as: poultry, roasts or hams.

No Preheat: Normally preheating the oven is mandatory but Frigidaire has developed this great feature which eliminates the need to preheat the oven and you can start baking straight away.

Stainless Steel: The outer surface of the oven is made of stainless steel so that the fingerprints will not adhere to it, and cleaning is very easy without using special solutions.

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