Best 30 inch electric wall oven

30 inch electric ovens are among the most popular single ovens and for this reason the offer of the stores includes over 70 models from almost 20 manufacturers.
Because of this, choosing the best 30 inch electric wall oven is a rather difficult task that requires careful study of store offerings.

To help you make the best choice we present below our top 5 best 30 inch electric wall ovens that can be easily declared as the best 30 inch electric wall oven.

Best 30 inch electric wall oven with hidden bake element

30 inch electric wall oven

If you want to spend as little time as possible cleaning the oven then choosing an electric wall oven with a hidden bake element is mandatory so choosing this type of element, cleaning the oven no longer involves lifting the heating element and cleaning under it.
Also being a hidden bake element it will last for many years so you will not have additional costs generated by the failure of this heating element.

This electric wall oven from Frigidaire it is highly recommended by the people who bought it because as they admit, it has completely changed the look of their kitchen.

This 30 inch electric wall oven has great features that will help you have the best cooking results such as:

Even baking technology: In order to always have the best cooking results, it is very important that the temperature inside the oven is evenly distributed so that the food in the oven is subjected to the same temperature in all parts. And this technology developed by Frigidaire does just that, and it ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed each time.

Self Cleaning: Cleaning the oven is not a pleasant task and for this reason the manufacturer has implemented a self-cleaning function that greatly increases the temperature in the oven so that the soils inside it are transformed into ash.
Depending on how dirty the oven is, the self-cleaning mode can be set to operate from 2 hours to 4 hours. After the self-cleaning process is finished you just have to clean the ash deposited in the lower part of the oven.

Vari-Broil: Is the trade name of the function that allows the setting of two heat levels for broiling. Because broiling is direct heat cooking you will observe some smoke formation and for safety reasons if the smoke becomes too intense you have to place the food on a lower rack.
To control the broil mode all you have to do is to use the Broil key from the front panel of the appliance. For this 30 inch electric wall oven the default temperature for broiling is 550°F but using the electronic programmer the temperature can be set from 400°F to 550°F.
The broiling element is a 6 pass element with a power of 3,400 Watts.

Easy oven controls: The control of the oven is very easy thanks to the “control keys” on the control panel. For example, if you want to start the Bake mode, just touch the control key on the control panel.
When a control key is touched the oven will emit a sound.


• Type: Electric wall oven
• Height: 29″
• Width: 30″
• Depth: 24 3/4″
• Oven Capacity: 4.6 Cu. Ft.
• Bake Element Type: Hidden
• Broil Element: 3,400 Watts

• Under Counter Installation: Yes
• Handle Color: Stainless Steel
• Frigidaire Fit Promise: Yes
• Product Weight: 133 lbs
• Voltage: 240 V
• Minimum Circuit Required: 20 Amps
• Window Type: Large

• Number of Rack Positions: 5
• Cooking Controls: Bake, Broil, Keep Warm, Kitchen Timer, Lockout, Oven Light, Preheat, Self Clean, Set Clock, Sabbath Mode

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Best 30 inch electric wall oven with true convection

Choosing a convection oven can be a difficult task because we come across names like “American Convection”, “True Convection” or “European Convection” but these names should not scare you because they are very easy to understand.

American Convection: The oven cavity is heated by the broil and bake elements and the hot air is distributed in the oven by the fan positioned in the back of the oven.

True Convection: European Convection and True Convection is the same thing and in this case in the back of the oven is placed a third heating element, and the hot air produced by it is evenly distributed by the fan.
If you do not know which type of oven to choose “American Convection” or “True Convection” then we recommend you to choose “True Convection” because it ensures a uniform heat distribution which means better cooking results.

This 30 inch electric wall oven recommended by us with “True Convection” from LG has a convection element of 2000 W.
Using an electric wall oven with True Convection mode reduces cooking time by up to 25% which means a lower energy consumption and the time you spend in the kitchen will decrease so you will be able to spend more time with the family.
In the case of a True Convection electric wall oven it is possible to bake on multiple racks so the general baking time is reduced.

As a general rule when using True Convection with only a single rack it is recommended to place the single rack on the middle level, and when cooking on two racks then place the oven racks on level 2 and 4.

Cleaning: LG has equipped this electric wall oven with two cleaning functions “EasyClean” and “Self Clean” so cleaning this oven will not be a problem for you.
The Self Clean function raises the oven temperature to almost 900 ° F so that all the dirt in the oven is turned to ash. Depending on the degree of dirt, 3 cleaning cycles with different operating times can be selected: 3, 4 and 5 hours. During the cleaning process, the oven light switches off automatically.
EasyClean is the second cleaning function and relies on the power of steam to clean the inside of the oven when it is a little dirty. This cleaning method requires a quantity of water to be introduced inside the oven and the oven to operate for a period of 10 minutes at low temperature.

Timed Cook: It is one of the most useful functions because it allows you to set the operating time of the electric wall oven, and when it expires the cooking process ends automatically and the oven will emit an acoustic signal.
This wall oven from LG also has the “Delayed Timed Cook” function, which allows you to control the operation of the oven by turning on and off at the time selected by the user.

Warm function: It is used to keep the cooked food warm for up to 3 hours. Depending on your preferences, you can select 3 heat levels: Low=140°F, Med=170°F, High=200°F.

Proof: Another cool feature of this oven is the “Proof” function which allows you to maintain a warm environment so you will have excellent results in preparing bread.

Oven Light: The electric wall oven is equipped with 3 halogen lamps that light up automatically when the door is opened. The interior lighting of the oven can be controlled by pressing the “Light” key control from the control panel.

Favorite recipe: With this function you can save up to 3 different recipes for Bread, Meat and Beef. Each recipe has a default temperature set but if the user wants he can change it according to his preferences.


• Type: Electric wall oven
• Width: 29 3/4″
• Height: 29 15/16″
• Depth: 24 3/8″
• Capacity: 4.7 (cu.ft)
• Favorites menu: 3

• Rack positions: 5
• Cleaning: Self Clean, EasyClean
• Bake element type: Hidden
• Variable broil: High, Med, Low
• Color & Material: STS Finish(Al) / Black Stainless

• Convection: Yes
• Accessories: Grid, Spray water tank, Heavy duty rack, Broiler pan.
• Power rating: 4100 W
• Electrical Supply: 120/240 VAC,120/208 VAC
• Max. Amp Load: 17.3 A

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Best 30 inch electric wall oven with app control

Nowadays mobile devices are very common so the possibility to control the oven with the help of mobile devices was a natural step made by oven manufacturers.

Many electric wall oven manufacturers offer models that can be controlled using mobile devices, and from this offer we recommend this GE model that has good reviews and is easy to use.

GE has developed the SmartHQ App which allows you to control and monitor the operation of the oven without being near the appliance.

Another great feature of the SmartHQ App is the possibility to scan the barcode of the package and the oven will automatically set the temperature and duration of the cooking process.

By default the remote controlling feature is not enabled so before you can control the oven with your mobile device you must activate it.
This 30 inch electric wall oven has Wi-Fi connect and can be controlled using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Cooking Modes

Bake mode: It is the ideal cooking mode for roasting and baking. In this cooking mode the heat is generated by the lower and upper heating element. The oven must be preheated before placing the food in the oven.
To activate the Bake mode all you have to do is to press the Bake pad and select the oven temperature and then press Start.

Proof mode: It is a special cooking mode, namely it is designed to speed up the process of rising bread dough.

Warm mode: As the name suggests, this mode has the role of keeping warm, freshly prepared food, for a maximum period of 3 hours.

Broil Hi / Lo: This function allows you to set different temperatures during the broil function. Broil Hi maintains a higher temperature in the oven, around 550 ° F while Broil Lo maintains a temperature in the oven of 450° F.


Cleaning the best 30 inch electric wall oven is very easy to do because it is equipped with 2 special cleaning modes:
Steam Clean: Ideal for cleaning the oven from light soils.
Self Clean: It uses high temperatures (900°F) to transform the soils into ash. Depending on the degree of dirt of the oven, a cleaning program of 3 hours or 5 hours can be selected.

Special Features

Adjust the Oven temperature: If you consider that the oven temperature is too high or too low compared to the set value you can adjust it up and down by up to 35°F.

Sound volume: The default value of the sound level can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences.

Fahrenheit or Celsius: The temperature inside the oven can be set to be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

12-Hour Shutoff: This function stops the operation of the oven after a period of 12 hours of use.


• Type: Single Oven
• Fuel Type: Electric
• Height: 28.625″
• Width: 29.75″
• Depth: 26.75″
• Color: Stainless Steel
• Oven Door: Big View Oven Window

• Installation: Undercounter, Under Cooktop, Under Built-In Microwave, Side-by-Side, Above Warming Drawer
• Capacity: 5.0 (cu.ft)
• Cleaning: Self-Clean / Steam Clean
• Control Type: Electronic (Touch)

• Display: LED
• Bake element: 10-Pass
• Broil Element: 8-Pass
• Rack Positions: 6
• Wi-Fi Connect: Yes
• Connected Capabilities: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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Best 30 inch electric wall oven with steam cooking option

30 inch electric wall oven with steam cooking optionLately, electric steam wall ovens are becoming more and more popular, due to the many advantages they have over other types of ovens.
The technology of steam baking is not new, being present since antiquity. In 1950, pressure cookers were invented in France, which are very often used today, being a very good method of preparing vegetables or meat.
In the beginning, steam cooking was used in restaurants for the increased speed of cooking, but also for keeping food warm until serving time.
Steam is a heat source with some limitations, which means that the preparation of certain types of food cannot be done only in the steam function.
This shortcoming is eliminated in the case of steam convection ovens that have all the advantages of steam ovens, but also the advantages of convection ovens.
A convection steam oven contains a water tank that must be filled manually before each use.
When the oven is turned on, the water in the reservoir is heated and placed in the oven in the form of steam, which means that the food prepared in the oven does not need oil, so that the fat level at the end of the process is low, the possibility of burning food is also eliminated.
Convection ovens heat food with hot, dry air, which makes it necessary to prepare food with a larger amount of oil. While steam ovens are used to maintain a constant humidity in the oven, so that the need to use oil is eliminated, this makes this cooking method healthy.
Steam ovens not only reduce the need to use oil, but also prevent the loss of nutrients from dishes, which are usually lost in other cooking modes.

The 30 inch electric wall oven with steam cooking option which we recommend is from Samsung and has a very good price-performance ratio.

Bake and Broil with moisture: The oven has a 22 oz. water tank that allows to roast, broil and bake with moisture, at the same time the two fans positioned in the back of the oven ensure a uniform distribution of heat for even cooking.

Wi-Fi connectivity: With the help of mobile devices the oven can be controlled and monitored from anywhere, which means that you can preheat, turn on or off the oven as well as change the temperature without being near the appliance. In order to control the oven with a mobile device the SmartThings app must be downloaded.

Temperature probe: It is one of the beast features because it allows the measurement of the temperature inside the food so that the cooking mode automatically stops when the food is properly cooked. For example if you cook lamb then you have the following options: Rare = 140 °F, Medium = 160 °F, Well done = 170 °F.

Door LED light: Visibility in the oven is improved due to the two LEDs located on the inside of the oven door.

Cleaning: Samsung equipped this 30 inch electric wall oven with two cleaning functions: Hybrid cleaning (using steam) and Self-cleaning (high temperature cleaning).

Fully extendable Gliding Rack: it greatly facilitates the cooking process when preparing heavier dishes.

6 Rack positions: The higher the number of levels, the better the result of the cooking process:
Rack position 1 = Pizza, Large roast, Pizza
Rack position 2 = Small roasts
Rack position 3-4 = Frozen pies, Casseroles, Pound cakes
Rack position 3-5 = Broiling meats, Fish
Rack position 6 = Broiling hamburgers


• Type: Single Wall Oven
• Door Type: Drop Down
• Cavity Material: Enamel
• Color: Stainless
• Oven Door Glass: 4
• Display: LED

• Bake element: 8 Pass
• Broil element: 10 Pass
• Convection: Yes
• Cleaning Method: Self Clean / Hybrid Clean
• Child Safety Lock: Yes

• Timer: Yes
• Oven Lamp: LED / Halogen
• Wi-Fi Connection: Yes
• App Connectivity: Yes
• Accessories: Square Wire Rack, Meat Probe, Gliding Rack

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Best 30 inch electric wall oven right swing door

One of the best ovens at the moment is this one from Bosch which has very good reviews, and in these reviews many people appreciate the sideopening feature due to the fact that it ensures easier access to the inside of the oven.

Also the door opening to the right eliminates burns on the arms that may occur while using ovens with convention drop down door.

Another advantage of this type of door is that the food does not get caught between the oven and a pull-down door.

This Bosch oven has cool features that will enhance your cooking experience.

Multiple cooking modes: Speed Convection, Fast Preheat, Convection Broil, Convection Bake, Roast, Sabbath, Proof Dough, Pizza, Broil Hi, Broil Low, Bake, Convection Roast, Genuine European Convection, EcoChef, Multi Rack, AutoProbe, Warm.

Self clean: During the cleaning process the temperature in the oven increases a lot which makes soils to be transformed into ash which is wiped by the user at the end of the cleaning process.

Accessories included: Broiler Pan, Temperature Probe, 1 x Telescopic Rack, 2 x Standard Oven Racks.

Control panel: The oven control unit is very intuitive and from an aesthetic point of view it fits very well in the design of a modern kitchen. To control the appliance all you have to do is to press lightly on the buttons on the control panel.

Timer: The oven has two types of timers and the main difference between the two timers is that one interrupts the cooking process at the expiration of time while the other emits only an acoustic signal.

2 Halogen Lights: Viewing the cooking process without opening the oven door is very easy to do thanks to the two halogen lamps.

Heating Time Limitation: For safety reasons the operating time of the oven is limited in time, this limitation depends on the temperature in the oven. For example, if the temperature in the oven is between 201°F and 550°F, then the oven will automatically shut down after a 12-hour operating period.


• Type: Electric Wall Oven
• Height: 29″
• Width: 29 3/4″
• Depth: 23 1/2″
• Capacity: 4.6 (cu ft)
• Power Cord Length: 50″
• Broil element: 8 Pass
• Timer: Yes

• Current: 30 A
• Power: 5,000 W
• Volts: 240 / 208 V
• Door hinge: Right-hand
• Control: Touch
• Windows: Extra Large
• AutoProbe: Yes
• Oven Lights: Halogen (2)

• Cleaning: Self-cleaning
• Cooking modes: 14
• Custom cooking programs: Yes
• True Convection: Yes
• Temperature Conversion: Yes
• Display: TFT

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