speed wall oven buying guide

Speed Wall Ovens – Buying guide and 10 Key considerations to know

A speed wall oven is ideal for small kitchens. This type of oven is smaller compared to a standard wall oven. However, it combines microwave, grill, and convection features in one box. This helps you cook faster than other types of ovens without compromising the taste of the food. You can operate a speed wall oven on various modes, such as single-mode for defrosting or microwave, preset roasting to roast meat, and baking mode for baking cakes and cookies.

But buying a speed wall oven isn’t as easy as you think. You need to keep a few things in mind like your budget, size of your kitchen, and features before buying the speed wall oven. In addition to these factors, there are a few key considerations also that you should remember. Here’s the ultimate buying guide that can help to find the best speed wall oven for your kitchen.

Single vs. Double

A speed wall oven is small than a standard wall oven or range oven. Range ovens require approximately five cubic feet of space, while a speed wall oven usually needs three cubic feet of space. What if you can afford five cubic feet of space but want to buy a speed wall oven because of its ability to prepare food quickly? Don’t incline to the temptation of buying a double oven. Instead, you can invest in a larger speed wall oven that has a bigger interior space. A bigger interior space means you can cook a significant amount of food or dishes simultaneously without spending much time.

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Self or manual clean

Do you want the speed wall oven to clean itself automatically? Or do you prefer to clean it manually? The answer depends on your budget. Self-clean ovens are more expensive than the ones you have to clean manually. Therefore, ask yourself if you want to spend around $300 more for a self-clean oven or would you clean it a few times annually. Most people prefer to spend the extra bucks to avoid the hassle of cleaning the oven manually.

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Don’t forget to check the convection feature of the speed wall oven before buying. Make sure the oven distributes heat evenly throughout its chamber. The internal fan circulates hot air in the oven compartment to ensure proper heat distribution to reduce your cooking time. Some of the expensive models also come with an additional heating feature around the fan. They can make food within half the time than other ovens. These models usually call this feature “true convection.”

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Controls and settings

Most speed wall ovens have electronic displays to make it easier for you to follow the instructions. However, many people still find it difficult to understand how the speed wall oven works. If you are not tech-savvy, you should check whether the manufacturer provides a detailed manual that explains all the oven functions. “Delayed bake,” for example, is something that may confuse many users who don’t know about the concept. It means the oven will start at a predetermined time and keep the oven warm so that you can heat your food quickly.

On the other hand, bread-proofing means keeping the oven at its ultra-low temperature to make a perfect rising dough. Most companies send a guide who gives a demo of how the oven works. Make a list of questions you have in mind and ask him to clear your doubts.

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Although you will get habituated to using your speed wall oven in a few weeks, it’s always best to invest in one that comes with easy-to-use options. Complicated words and functions may confuse you, leading to wrong cooking instructions. Another way of looking at easy-to-use features is the price you pay for the speed wall oven. Low-cost ovens don’t come with a wide range of features. The more you pay, the more features you expect. For example, the self-cleaning option and full-extension racks are available in pricier models.

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This depends on the space you can afford for your speed wall oven. Some of these ovens’ standard sizes that you can check are 24, 27, and 30 inches. However, there are bigger models also. Again, price is a factor if you want to buy a bigger model. You can compare the prices of different models available in different sizes before buying one for your kitchen.

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Auto cooking

Just like self-cleaning, do you want the oven to cook your food automatically? If you do, you should go for the model that has an auto cooking feature. The sad part is low-end speed wall ovens usually don’t have this option. You will need to up your budget if you want auto cooking in your oven. You may not need to manually configure power or set a time to cook a specific dish in this type of speed wall oven model. All you have to do is hit the button aligned to the dish you want to make and let the oven do the hard work. For example, if you want to cook rice, put the rice and water in a bowl in the right proportions and insert it in the oven. Press the Rice button, and you will get boiled rice within a few minutes.

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Power consumption

Be ready to pay slightly more on your electric bill every month after bringing home your speed wall oven. But are you not ready to pay that extra amount? In that case, you should go for an oven with a 5-star rating or one that has an inverter setting. Inverter ovens usually cost more, but they save a lot on your electric bills. Alternatively, you should also keep an eye on the number of foods you are making every day. If you make food in bulk quantities, the oven will need to work at its highest setting. This means it will consume more energy, and therefore, a higher electric bill.

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Child lock

Don’t forget to see if the speed wall oven has a child lock system in it or not. Mischievous kids may want to open the oven when working or put their hands inside, leading to an accident. Most speed wall ovens come with a child lock. You need to secure the oven with a password so that your kid can’t open the oven accidentally.

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What is the preheating temperature range of the oven you want to buy? Compare it with other models. The rule of thumb here is to buy a model that provides a wide range of preheating temperatures. This allows you to cook various types of food quickly.

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Pros and cons of speed wall oven


  • They are smaller than standard wall ovens and suitable for small kitchens.
  • They come with various modes to ensure the best outcome for the food you want to cook.
  • It has both ventless and with-vent designs. Ventless designs are cheaper.
  • Its heating system allows you to cook food in a jiffy.
  • You can cook food in bulk quantities within a short period.
  • It combines microwave, grill, and convection in one oven. This feature also helps to cook food quickly without compromising its taste.
  • The convection feature ensures that you get the perfect brown texture for toasts that other ovens can’t provide.


  • It is costly. But it provides a unique combination of features that you won’t get in other ovens.
  • The small size may not be suitable for big kitchens.

Now that you know everything about a speed wall, decide which model to buy according to the factors mentioned above.

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