Best speed wall oven

In the top of high-performance cooking appliances we find in the first places speed wall ovens because these types of appliances manage to combine the advantages of conventional oven with the speed of microwave, in addition, being the owner of a speed wall oven you no longer have to buy a microwave oven.

If you have a small kitchen then a speed wall oven is a great solution to reduce the number of appliances in the kitchen and increase the available space.

The main difference between a conventional oven and a microwave is how heat penetrates the food. In conventional ovens the heat penetrates the food from outside to the inside, while in the case of a microwave oven the heat transferring mode is exactly opposite, namely from the inside to the outside, which means lower energy consumption and a shorter cooking time.

Best 24 inch speed wall oven

Best 24 inch speed wall ovenOne of the best speed wall ovens on the market is this model from Bosch which has a width of 24 inches and a capacity of 1.6 Cu. Ft making it ideal for small kitchens.

Microwave: In the microwave can be prepared various types of foods, which requires a certain level of power and to be able to set the optimal power level for every type of food the appliance has 10 different power levels, for example Power Level 10 is for Boiling water or Cooking fish while Power Level 1 is for Softening ice cream.

Microwave +30 sec key: It is a very useful function because it allows you to start the oven and increase the operating time by 30 seconds.

5 Tips for using the microwave oven
1) The temperature of the dishes has an influence on the duration of the cooking process and frozen food requires a longer cooking time.
2) Because small pieces of food cook faster it is recommended that in cases where it is possible the food be portioned into small slices.
3) Moisture has a huge impact over the cooking process because the microwave technology heats water faster and in an efficient way.
4) To distribute the heat evenly it is recommended to stir vegetables and casseroles.
5) When preparing meat in the microwave it is necessary to turn the meat on both sides.

Convection: It is a cooking method that uses a fan to circulate the hot air through the oven. Besides microwaves it is the best feature of the oven because it ensures a uniform distribution of heat throughout the oven.

Broil: Heat is produced by direct radiation from the heating element located at the top of the oven. Depending on the needs, two intensity levels can be set for the broil feature. For safety reasons the broil function is automatically interrupted when the oven door is opened and is resumed after the door is closed.

Speed Chef: Is the name of the oven function that uses the power of microwaves and convection to cook food faster. Speed Chef feature has 9 programs for different types of foods, all you have to do is to select the food type, weight and the appliance automatically selects the optimal settings to achieve the best results.
Program 1 = Chicken Breast
Program 2 = Chicken Thighs
Program 3 = Whole Poultry
Program 4 = Beef Roast
Program 5 = Pork Tenderloin
Program 6 = Pork Chops
Program 7 = Meatloaf
Program 8 = Fish Fillets
Program 9 = Brownies

Auto Defrost: It is another great feature that allows the user to defrost 3 types of foods only by entering the weight and the program will calculate the defrost time.
Program 1 = Ground meat
Program 2 = Meat pieces
Program 3 = Poultry pieces
The best results are obtained when the food to be thawed has a temperature of 0 ° F.

Frozen Foods: Bottom heat and Convection are used to prepare frozen foods such as: french fries or chicken nuggets.

Pizza mode: With this function you will always prepare the best pizza using one of the 3 cooking modes:
Mode 1 = Frozen pizza
Mode 2 = Fresh pizza
Mode 3 = Microwave pizza

Popcorn: If you like watching movies then you will definitely appreciate this feature that allows you to prepare popcorn.
1.2 oz, popcorn bag size = Touch popcorn key once
2.5 oz. popcorn bag size = Touch popcorn key twice
3.5 oz. popcorn bag size = Touch popcorn key 3 times

Beverage: It is a feature used to heat up to 2 glasses of liquids.

Sensor cook: Is an ideal function for beginner cooks because when using one of the 9 programs the microwave oven automatically selects the power level and cooking time to get the best results.
Sensor cook available programs: Baked potato, Sweet potato, Fresh vegetables, Frozen vegetables, Ground meat, Seafood, Brown rice, White rice and Frozen entrees.

More Modes: Includes 6 more cooking programs: Melt Butter, Soften Cream Cheese, Soften Ice Cream, Keep Warm, Melt Chocolate, and Convection Broil.

Automatic Shutoff: For safety reasons the device is designed to shut down automatically after a certain period of time. For example, the maximum operating time in convection heating mode is 5 hours.

Panel Lock: It is useful in two situations:
1) locking the control panel so that children cannot accidentally change the settings
2) when cleaning the control panel

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Best 24 inch speed wall oven with versatile design

A determining factor in choosing an oven is its design, this means that an oven can be very good but if it does not have an attractive design it will be bought only by a small number of people.
A very good speed wall oven with sleek design is this Summit 24 inch model perfectly sized for small kitchens.
The exterior of the oven is made of stainless steel which means it has an attractive design but at the same time it will last well over time because it does not rust.
Once you have decided on the design of the oven, you must choose the desired oven features and below we present some functions for which we recommend this Summit speed wall oven.

Microwave function: It is ideal for heating and cooking potatoes, meat, vegetables, rice and fish. The appliance has 5 power levels specially engineered for different types of food:
Level 1 (200 W): Slow defrosting
Level 2 (400 W): Rapid defrosting or boiling rice
Level 3 (600 W): Cooking or heating food
Level 4 (800 W): Cooking smaller portions of food
Level 5 (1000 W): Ideal for heating liquids

Microwave + Broiler: Here this oven really stands out because it allows you to cook the best meat and poultry.

Microwave + Convection: Using this function you take advantage of both types of heating so you will cook much faster.

Defrosting: This speed wall oven has two defrost modes, the first one is the classic one where the user only pushes the defrost key and the oven starts to operate while the second defrost mode is automatic, user is only selecting the weight of the food and the oven makes the rest of the settings.

Heating food (special function): It is the first special function that allows heating all kinds of food. The user only has to select the type and weight of the food.
Program 1 = Soup
Program 2 = Pre prepared food (dense food)
Program 3 = Pre prepared dishes (goulash)
Program 4 = Vegetables

Cooking (special function): Best for cooking fresh food such as potatoes, vegetables, rice and fish.

Defrosting & Toasting (special function): The third special function is suitable for Pizza, Frozen food and Potato dishes.

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Best 27 inch speed wall oven that combines five cooking methods

Another awesome speed wall oven is this 27″ Café model that combines five cooking methods into a single wall oven.
The appliance can be used as: Microwave oven, Precision cooking oven, Convection oven, Toaster oven and Proofing/warming oven.

Precision Cooking: It is the best feature of this speed wall oven because it uses the heat generated by multiple sources (halogen, ceramic heater, convection and microwave) to cook the food to interior and exterior in the same time.
The oven has a pre-set menu with over 175 dishes among which are definitely your favorite foods. But that is not all because you can create up to 30 custom recipes.

Convection baking: The hot air produced by the heating element is gently circulated inside the oven by the fan which makes the food to bake evenly.

Broiling and toasting: In this case a convection system, the lower heating element and the upper lamps are used to toast and broil food. An advantage of the Advantium oven is that the baking time is shorter due to the halogen lamps.

Convection baking: This is the feature that allows you to keep the cooked food at the serving temperature for a longer period of time.

Proofing: Maintains the ideal temperature for proofing. This feature is intended to be used only for proofing not to keep food warm.

Sensor cooking: It is a special feature which allows the oven to detect when the food is done and automatically shuts off.
The available sensor programs: Ground meat, Popcorn, Soup, Rice, Vegetables, Chicken reheat, Pasta reheat, Plate of food reheat, Soup reheat and Vegetable reheat.

Wi-Fi & Remote Enable: With this feature you can control remotely your speed wall oven.

Steam cleaning: Uses heat and steam to soften soils in the oven.

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Best 27 inch speed wall oven with over 175 preprogrammed recipes

This GE oven uses Adventium technology, which combines 3 cooking methods to get the perfect food that is browned outside and moist on the inside.

Types of heat source:

Halogen Lamp: The main heat source of this oven is a 500 W halogen lamp used to cook from above.

Ceramic Heaters: Inside the oven are placed two ceramic heaters, a 700 W ceramic heater to cook the food from above and one ceramic heater of 375 W to cook the food from below.

Convection Heat Element: The hot air inside the oven is circulated by the fan located in the back of the oven

Microwave: Helps to heat food from inside out. The maximum power of the microwave oven is 975 W.

Pre-programmed 175 recipes

User only has to press the SpeedCook pad, select the type of food (size and amount), and the oven performs all the settings for the best results.
The oven measures the supply voltage and adjusts the cooking time according to the measured values, this is the reason why you may see displayed the message “Optimizing cooking time”.

Pre-set food menu: Appetizers, Breads, Breakfast, Desserts, Entrees, Meats, Pizza, Potatoes, Poultry, Sandwich, Seafood, Side Dish.

Not only the oven has over 175 popular dishes but it also offers the possibility to save up to 30 favorite recipes.

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