Best steam wall ovens for roasting and baking – Top 3 picks

In recent years, steam wall ovens have become very popular being purchased due to the advantages they have compared to standard ovens.
Steam wall ovens have built-in sensors that measure the humidity in the oven, so the amount of steam introduced into the oven is exactly the amount needed to have perfect cooking results.

Steam wall oven Pros

● Vegetables retain their flavor, color and texture.
● The amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are lost during the steam cooking process is less compared to the standard cooking method, so the steam cooking is considered to be the healthiest method of cooking. For example a steamed broccoli has with 50% more vitamin C than a boiled broccoli.
● The humid environment inside the oven makes the food not dry at the end of the cooking program.
● In the same oven, several types of foods can be cooked simultaneously without there being a transfer of flavor between them.
● When it comes to cooking vegetables, meat or fish, the steam cooking function is much faster than the convection function.
● Foods reheated in a steam oven taste the same as when it was cooked because the amount of water in the food is restored.
● Cleaning a steam oven is very easy, so you don’t have to worry about this.

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Steam wall oven Cons

● The price is the only disadvantage of a steam wall oven so it has a higher price than a standard wall oven.

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Steam wall oven vs Standard wall oven

As you can see the products cooked in the steam oven maintain a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

vitamins and minerals in a steam oven

The bread baked in a steam oven is the one on the right that looks much better than the one on the left.

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Best Steam wall oven perfect for roasting, baking and broiling

If you are looking for a steam oven then this one from Samsung is a very good choice with a lot of great features, easy to use and a clean look.

If it is the first steam oven for you then you will definitely feel the difference between a standard oven and a steam one, so you will never go back to a standard oven.
For example using a steam oven with a beef roast you will get the best roast so far because it will brown and crispy on the outside and juicy inside.
The same goes when you bake bread, namely it can be seen that the bread has a shiny, crunchy crust.

Water reservoir: It is located on the right side of the oven and is visible after the oven door opens and has a capacity of 22 oz (650ml). In order to use Steam Roast, Steam Bake and Hybrid Clean features, the water tank must be filled with drinkable water.

Steam Bake: It is the best cooking method for cooking desserts, pastries and breads because it is increasing the moisture inside the oven during the cooking program which improves the flavor and texture of the food.

To use the steam bake feature, just take the following steps:

  1. Open the oven door to gain access to the water reservoir.
  2. Touch the water reservoir and it will pop out.
  3. Use 22 oz of drinkable water to fill the water reservoir.
  4. Then place the reservoir in its slot and push it in.
  5. Close the oven door and touch the Steam Bake key.
  6. Now you have to select the steam level and this Samsung steam wall oven is equipped with 3 steam levels (Hi, Med, Lo).
  7. Select the temperature by using the keys pad.
  8. Touch Start and the cooking will start.

Steam level recommendation for Steam Roast feature

● High: –
● Med: Poultry, Meats.
● Low: Large meats, Turkey.

Hybrid Clean

In addition to the self-cleaning feature, this Samsung wall oven model has a second cleaning feature that uses the power of steam to soften the soil on the oven walls.
The self-cleaning function consumes quite a lot of energy and for this reason if the inside of the oven is only slightly dirty, then it is recommended to use the hybrid clean function, which saves energy and time.

To use the hybrid clean feature, just take the following steps:

  1. First you have to remove accessories from the oven.
  2. Open the oven door and fill the water reservoir with 20 oz normal water.
  3. Insert the water reservoir into its slot and close the door.
  4. Touch Hybrid Clean and then touch Start.
  5. When the cleaning cycle ends a beep will sound and the display is blinking.
  6. At the end of the cleaning cycle the water accumulated in the lower part of the oven must be wiped off.
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Best steam wall oven for the best results

Another very good appliance that we recommend is this Thermador 24 inch steam wall oven.

In the past, the steam cooking technique was used only in restaurants, but as the ordinary ovens began to be equipped with this function, it made more and more people use the steam cooking technique at home.

The combination of steam and convection cooking offers results that cannot be obtained in standard ovens, so in most reviews from people who have purchased this product, it can be seen that this combination is highly praised.

Before using the steam wall oven for the first time is mandatory to set the water hardness level:
Level 1 = Soft water
Level 2 = Average water
Level 3 = Hard water
Level 4 = Very hard water
Also at the first use the oven performs an automatic calibration because the temperature at which the water boils depends on the altitude (air pressure).

With this appliance you can use 3 cooking methods:

Steam: Is the ideal function for cooking Fish, Vegetables, and Side dishes. In this cooking mode the oven temperature can be adjusted in the range 95 °F – 210 °F. Cooking time is determined by the size of the preparation and not by its weight. As a general rule the cooking time is shorter in the case of smaller dishes and longer in the case of larger dishes.

True Convection: Is recommended for braised meat, sponge cakes or moist cakes. Temperature range is 85 °F – 450 °F.

Steam and Convection: The best results are obtained when preparing baked goods, fish or soufflés. Temperature range is 250 °F – 450 °F.

Other features

Automatic Programming: Food preparation is very easy to do with this steam wall oven due to the 40 automatic programs in which the user only has to enter the weight of the food and the oven performs all the settings.
All automatic cooking programs have been developed for cooking on one level.

Favorites recipes: With this function you can save up to 6 favorite recipes.

Panel lock: When we talk about the safety of the oven this is the most useful function because it allows to lock the control panel of the appliance so that children will not be able to accidentally start the oven.

Steam Cleaning: Also, this Thermador wall oven is equipped with the steam cleaning function that uses the power of steam to soften the soil deposited on the walls of the oven.

Reheat mode: It is highly appreciated by users due to the fact that it makes the food taste and look the same as when it was prepared.

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Best steam wall oven for meals that are tender and crispy

Best steam wall oven for meals that are tender and crispySteam cooking is the healthiest way to cook, due to the fact that a large proportion of minerals and vitamins inside the preparation are not destroyed during the cooking process, as happens in a standard hot air oven.
If you want to benefit from the advantages of steam cooking, we recommend you to buy this Bosch steam wall oven.
Bosch is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances, being known for the high performance of its products.
This electric steam oven from Bosch is a very high-performance one, having besides the steam cooking modes also the European Convection mode which together with the sensors placed inside the oven make it the perfect cooking appliance.
Steaming consists in placing in the oven a quantity of steam that surrounds the dishes, so as to prevent the loss of minerals and vitamins from food.
The oven is equipped with a water tank from which the steam generator is supplied with water, in order to introduce in the oven the necessary amount of steam.
The principle of operation of the steam cooking consists in introducing inside the oven a quantity of steam at certain time intervals, also the amount of steam that is introduced in the oven is variable and depends on the measurements made by the humidity sensor. A scientific explanation of how heat is transferred during steam cooking can be found in this article.

The steam cooking modes available on this oven model:

Steam: it is the best cooking mode because it allows you to cook food in the healthiest way possible (low loss of nutrients, low fat cooking, appetizing appearance, cooking a menu). Minimum temperature = 95°F / Maximum temperature = 212°F

Steam Convection: It is ideal for roasts because with the help of this cooking mode you will get a crispy roast on the outside and juicy inside. Minimum temperature = 250°F / Maximum temperature = 450°F

Defrost: It is used for defrosting foods such as bread, vegetables, fruit, meat and poultry. Temperature inside the oven = 110°F

Proof: It generates a warm environment ideal for proofing. Temperature inside the oven = 100°F

Dish Warming: As the name suggests, its role is to heat and keep the dish warm. Temperature inside the oven = 125°F

Reheat: It is a combination of hot air and steam to warm the food without drying. Minimum temperature = 210°F / Maximum temperature = 360°F.

European Convection: The hot air is generated by the ring element and is evenly distributed by the fan. If you have a large family then you will surely appreciate this cooking mode due to the fact that it allows simultaneous cooking. Minimum temperature = 95°F / Maximum temperature = 450°F.

Keep Warm: Cooked food is kept at serving temperature for a longer period of time. Temperature inside the oven = 140°F.

Slow Cook: If you like tender and very moist meat then this way of cooking will become your favorite. Temperature inside the oven = 140°F

Chicken / Vegetables: 2 automatic programs that automatically adjust the cooking time, temperature inside the oven and cooking mode based on the weight of the food.
As you can see the oven has all the cooking modes that allow you to get the best cooking results.

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